And/Or has developed a motion design strategy and assets to align with workspace management startup Knotel's recent global rebrand. And/Or's work successfully translates Knotel's bold, playful brand positioning and visual identity into motion design, and speaks to a growing need for companies to build motion into their brand DNA.

"Knotel is a great example of a startup brand considering the way it moves and behaves from the start and making sure the video content they create is informed by their brand principles and design thinking," commented Kelli Miller, Partner and Creative Director, And/Or.

By partnering with And/Or, Knotel aimed to incorporate a strategic, thoughtful approach to motion that would be informed by its brand strategy. The startup was looking to reflect a grownup, confident voice and tone that was intelligent, witty, and conversational. "Our work is always grounded in design strategy & branding, and we're known for our clever, approachable tone of voice, so this was a perfect fit for us," Miller added.

And/Or delivered two brand films for Knotel: an overarching brand video that brings the new Knotel branding to life through motion, and a 'Better Way To Workspace' spot that explains how Knotel's service works with a cheeky, playful script and tone.

The films were developed based on And/Or's original presentation to Knotel, in which the creative production company identified five key motion behaviors informed by Knotel's positioning: 'energetic movement,' 'alive with color,' 'transformative action,' 'intelligent editing,' and 'intuitive building.'